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hI someone broke into my truck and took the disks, the voice command steering wheel remote, they tried to get system but failed. All the other components under set, the brain and stuff was untouched. Non of the navigation stuff would come up. I assume somehow it got de-programmed. I looked at the faceplate and it wasn't on right, so I took the facplate off and blew on it and when i put it back on it made a connection, the blue lights came on, DVD screen comes out, you can hear it click or bell chime when you push buttons. But nothing on screen and i can't get the Stereo to play.


1. what disc do I need to reprogram system and get maps? Do I need to get the original OEM Navigation Software Disc? or is there an upgraded Disc that I can Buy that will work?


2. I need to purchase detachable Faceplate for AVICN1. But reading through post I read that the AVICN3 Face Plate works? What would you recommend and do you have those parts as well?




Please if you can advise me if I'm on the right track and/or if you have any of the Item s for purchase. When i got my Truck I paid a lot for this Pioneer System and love it. It seems that i should be able to get it back up and running pretty easy, maybe I'm wrong.


Thank you for any help you can give the crazy girl :)


Again Thank you


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