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    i am sorry to here that, some one broke in to mine, and tried to take mine and tore up my blazers dash bestial, but i had star screws holding mine in 1. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35023-does-anyone-have-the-pioneer-cndv-110mt-us-images-yet/ 2. it will work, try ebay. 3. i don't think so, i never had one to use.
  2. i have tried going into the service mode, and do all the steps but, step 2 will not complete. it keeps making me go just to the left on the left and just to the Right side. center works just fine.
  3. How to ground parking brake with Avic n2?

    just put the parking break on the - wire (black) the break wire color idk both wire are on the wiring harness
  4. N3 Screen Recalibration?

    yes hold down cd eject and reset, unpress reset. move joystick up up down down and push in. then just fallow service menu instructions
  5. will move my seep to my server it is on all day until 4am to 8am save a little green
  6. will you post them if you have them?
  7. for some reason I can't calibrate the screen. I go to the service menu and do the edge calibration, but ween I go to the actual touch cal I can't get it to work. I can touch the x with a pen and it does not work. I have to point above it for it ot work. but this only happens on the bottom row. I would very like the help