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Euro F900bt, which wince do I use, the one from backup or from pioneer offcial firmware

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I have bricked my United Kingdom F900bt , I have honestly tried every solution on this site to no avail, i have spent the last two weeks reading every thread I coud in this great forum, and no like a Muppet I unfortunatley did not do a backup of my files, so far this is what I have managed to get my unit to do


I would like to mention a special thanks for TAIL24 for all your help and advice , cheers mate


1. to get to the screen with the DESTINATION, CONTACTS, AV SOURCE , whereupon I am able to access the settings button , enter the AV to chose Radio , but at soon as I press the map or NAV button I get the disclaimer and then nothing, all the while the lovely " system is starting up pleas wait" is right smack there.


If i leave the unit on for 3-4 minutes it then restarts itself


2. So Far yesterday it is now just stuck on the pioneer screen and nothing else.



Luckly I Managed to get hold of someones european units backup , but my question is this , do I use the WINCE.IMG and WINCE .CKS from the BACKUP files or do I use the ones from the European Pioneer 3.0xx official firmware update that is in thier PLT file. IF ANYONE CAN PLEASE HELP ME I would be seriously, greatly, humongoulsy appreciated.


Thank you all

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I answered in your PM but just so everyone knows, it's best to flash wince with the files you are about to put on. So if you are gonna do a format with wince you use the same version wince image from the backup you will be putting on it.


Glad we got the unit back up and running

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