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Color Option and Custom Splash Screen

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Hi i have had this head unit for some time now and took it out of my trail blazer once i sold it to put in my 85 grand national. It didnt fit in the grand national so i then decided to put it in my girlfriends Chevrolet equinox. She loves pink and i told her there is way to change the color to pink. Anyone have a detailed how to on how to do that. i tried plugging it in to the computer but cant get it to go to pink. Also i would like to get her a custom splash screen. Same thing i plugged it into the computer and wont show up once i put it back into the car. i have the ebrake wire by passed by just wiring it into a different ground. Could that be the issue? any help would be great because i am about to throw this thing out the window im so angry at it.

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