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Hi guys,


I've installed an AVIC-D3 in my '07 ALFA ROMEO which is equipped of BLUE&ME (bluetooth and usb glove box)!

Unfortunately, those functions aren't recovered... :( But they still work!!!!!!!!

The problem is that the car-connector (for BLUE&ME) is not used buy the harness!

So I'd like to know if it's possible to hacks IP-BUS and RCA connectors to recover bluetooth and USB!!!

I've looked at these diagrams...




C2 (bluetooth) and C3 (USB) connectors come from the car! I thought about recover C2 bluetooth outputs to Pioneer RCAs inputs (for sound only), and C3 usb outputs to IP-BUS input which are made with same pinouts (BUS+, BUS-, ground and positive)...

What do you think about that? Does it will run?


Thanks a lot!!!

A+++ :mrgreen:

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