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X940BT Mexico Map

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Well, I just purchased X940BT knowing that it only came with the US and Canada Maps….. I already downloaded the “gmapsupp.img†that includes Mexico Map.

Can somebody tell me how should I save it on the Mini SD card (folder, file name, etc) and if there is a specific MiniSD card size (storage capacity) to do this.

Once I do that, what are the steps to install it on my AVIC-X940BT ?


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First: gmapsupp.img is image file, so you need software to wright it on your drive. That software will delete everything from your card and put all files and folders where they should be. Alternatively you can open this image file as archive and then copy all contain of it to MicroSD- Sometimes it works.

Second: you need MicroSD and I believe it should be no more than 4gb.

Third: where did you get this file? do they have instructions of how to install it? Does it suppose to work for X940BT?

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