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European 2012 Q1 TeleAtlas/TomTom Maps - Complete Guide

Working installations  

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  1. 1. Do these 2012 maps work on your unit?

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TeleAtlas 2012 Q1 Maps for Europe

For USA/Canada see: Navteq 2011 Q4 (Released in 2012) Maps for the United States & Canada


I have tested this on my AVIC F-9110 BT with firmware (3.x), the maps are fully functional on my unit. This should also work for the F700 and up. Not sure about the F500.

I haven't updated to firmware 4 yet but this should work for firmware 4.x as well.



  • Download the files below
  • Extract them to the root of your SD card
  • Insert SD card with only the folders from the ZIP file in the root
  • Boot the unit in testmode (if you have the testmode folder in the root this will happen automagically)
  • Make a complete backup of the flashdrive! (Instructions)
  • Verify your backup is correct and copy this over to you PC so you have 2 backups.
  • Go into the iGo/CONTENT folder. On my unit this folder is located in the APL2 folder.
  • Delete the MAP, POI and LICENSE folders
  • Copy the MAP, POI and LICENSE folders from the SD card to the flashdrive of your unit
  • Copy the EZRIDER.EXE to the iGo folder, replacing the file already there
  • Now reboot the unit, remove the SD card and enjoy the latest maps smile.gif

Links are interchangable (parts are the same).


Rapidshare (Uploaded 7/10/2012)











Uploaded.to (Uploaded 7/10/2012)

Still uploading...



Usenet (Uploaded 7/10/2012)

Download the attached ZIP file for the NZB


If you messed up your unit just get back into testmode and restore the files you backed-up.

Enjoy your new maps :-)







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The only thing I found is a Torrent with the latest Navtew 2011 maps from Quarter 4. There aren't TomTom/TeleAtlas maps, some people prefer one or the other.


I'm downloading them right now and will upload to Usenet later. In the mean time you can use this Magnet link and paste it into your Torrent client:



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Just tried this on my f900bt, with no success. Followed the guide, but as i copy'ed the new MAP and POI folder to the iGO/Content folder, it said the item you are trying to copy, is larger than the size available on your disk. It will copy as much as possible. When done, i restarted my unit, and i got stuck on the main screen, with the message: System start-up in progress, please wait (or something like that) and it stayed there for a couple of minutes, before rebooting by itself. I would call it a boot loop. Should i delete some of the maps, so it wont complain about the size? I haven't upgraded my unit to 3.0 or 4.0, shut i?


Grats Kim/Denmark

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Delete the MAP and POI folders from the unit first and then copy the new folders over to the unit. This way there should be enough space available. If not, just delete some unused voices for example.


I deleted all the russian, polish, french, spanish, german etc. voices. I never use them. You can also delete from .DEM files for the USA etc if they are on your unit.

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I try to unzip these files but it dont succeed in!

What is the programm to use to unzip?

Thanks a lot


Try winrar or winzip


I have tried to install 'TeleAtlas 2012 Q1 Maps for Europe' on my AVIC F700BT, but my Flash Disk has insufficient space available (1.86Gb). Is it possible to install the MAP data on alternative location e.g. a SD card? Or is there another workaround?


Second SD card after you started WIN CE should just work fine




i'm a bit of a newbie:

how does this upgrade differ from the official 2012 upgrade (navteq?),


and if you install this hack, do you get the advanced app-mode?


There are a lot of mods here. Make sure you read and understand the basics.

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