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Avic F700BT configuration issues

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Hello everyone, I searched for a while on the forum an answer to my problem but didnt find anything really.


So there we go, i bought a F700bt used from a performance store and just installed it into an 07 ion XT. While it upload, when i putt the switch on, it won't save the sound settings. It does'nt read the CD automaticly and it always reset them to default. So i always have to put the loudness back on and that kind of stuff. But strangely it save my GPS, color and even my picture settings. My map version is 1.00006 and i just upgreaded it from 2.00000 to 2.000009 and the problem is still not solved.


Is that normal with it or did i do something wrong while installing it ?


Thanks for the help.


P.S : Sorry for the grammar

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Yeah I wired them right, like I said GPS settings and other ones is saving.. only having trouble with the sound one. And after the update, i tryed to press the reset button, the screen turned black but nothing got erased.


How i'm suposed to full reset it ? Thanks for the help.

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Finally receive my DDIN kit, you guys was right since the beginning... I guess i tested it wrong when i did it at first... probably forgot to open my door (Since its a GM and contact stay until a door is open). Or else i just put the same color together. But still strange the yellow goes with the red and red with yellow. Anywais thanks for your time.


Problem solved~

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