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Micro bypass not working on AVH-X5500BHS

AVH-X5500BHS bypass parking brake parking brake bypass micro bypass

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#1 67Carl

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Posted 16 December 2012 - 02:31 AM

Update 12/18/12:

After taking the steps below everything is good to go. The Micro Bypass works as advertised and the seller was great to work with. I've reviewed the product on Amazon and added some installation notes.

Edit/Update 12/17/12:

The seller of the micro bypass has been very responsive and is working with me on some troubleshooting. This may be something I did (or did not do) correctly. My interpretation of the instructions does not match his intent. I think they were written for a new install whereas I'm retrofitting. The error is on the HU light green parking brake wire. That wire should be disconnected from the parking brake and connected to the MB green wire and nothing else. I patched the MB green wire into the light green HU wire and left it attached to the PB. This may have damaged the MB... I also made the connections using those snap on plastic T connections, which he said are not reliable. So, next steps are to re-connect the wires by directly wrapping them together, recheck the MB ground and HU ground are together and properly grounded then see what happens. If it doesn't work then its likely the MB is damaged. I'm NOT looking forward to disassembling the car again and crawling back up under the dash... I'll let everyone know what happens.

I've searched these forums and the Internet for information on a parking bypass solution for my Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS. There is sparse info for this particular model and some conflicting opinions on what does/does not work. I installed a Micro Bypass that is marketed specifically for this unit:

http://www.amazon.co...vh-x5500 bypass

I've seen where this solution has worked for other but it isn't working for me. Connected black to ground, blue to blue/white from radio (spliced into this wire, which goes to my power antenna) and green to light green brake wire. No video when brake is off AND now no video when brake engaged (video worked with brake on before installing bypass). Contacted seller and he said to cut light green wire by the brake switch (not in the original instructions), so I did but there is no change. Any thoughts on this?

Other solutions I've seen are a to use a relay, a relay with a PAC 7 trigger module or a simple 2 way automotive 12v toggle switch... It's very difficult to access the wires behind the radio and I don't really want to just start trying random solutions.

When my parking brake engages it depresses a button (switch). The light green wire from the radio is spliced into the wire for ths switch. That seems to be the only connection between the radio and PB. In addition to any helpful thoughts on a bypass for this model can someone explain how that one light green wire fools the radio and why it's so hard to duplicate? My understanding of auto electronics is somewhat limited... Sorry this is so long but I wanted to be thorough. Thank you!

#2 bigcid10

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Posted 16 December 2012 - 12:05 PM

I don't have a micro bypass on mine but I have a regular relay bypass
I put the p brake on then turn on movie then start disk and release p brake then it works from then on
there's not too many people who have these radios yet
it seems like it's just you and I

oh,btw the radio has to be off before you put the brake on
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#3 Big Ed

Big Ed
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Posted 11 February 2013 - 03:49 PM

buy yourself a pac audio tr7 and wire it up for the alpine bypass boom done.

#4 Nosal

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Posted 17 February 2013 - 06:12 AM

I purchased this unit today and had it installed at a shop. They installed a relay but it doesn't see, to work. Not sure if they wiried it incorrectly or what. Has there been a update on this? Anybody else having a issue bypassing this unit.

#5 fatrabitt

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Posted 21 February 2013 - 03:07 PM

Not to be stupid but your microbypass maybe shot and I would ask for a replacement. I ordered mine a little while back. Once I have it installed I will come back to update!

#6 Nosal

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Posted 21 February 2013 - 04:43 PM

Just a little update guys. So when I first got this unit installed last Saturday, the guy installed at relay bypass. Which when we tested some to work. It's wasn't after a few hours that I went back and put a movie it that I couldn't get it to work anymore.

Well I went back to the shop and let them look at it and thought. Maybe it was the relay. Well they replaced the relay and tested it. And again it worked fine. This time I asked them to wait a few mins. Then lets start the car and insert a movie and see what it does. Well to there surprise it didn't work. Need less to say they were a little baffled.

Well I made the suggestion to try the PAC TR7 module. And the installer agreed. So he hooked it up and again, it tested fine. But again I asked them to let's shut everything down, and wait a few mins. Sure enough after about 10 mins. We turned on the car popped a DVD in and nothing. We got the same warning screen. We need less to say now they were stumped. He suggested that the only way this would work is with a toggle switch. Which we added and worked fine. But I really hate. My AVH-P4400BH worked great with a relay. And I just hate hitting a switch everytime.

So I went ahead and ordered one of these micro bypasses that they swear will work with this unit. I should receive it Monday. So I'll post what happens with this then, if you guys could please share your story with bypasses you have tried and the results, that would be great guys.

#7 fatrabitt

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Posted 21 February 2013 - 05:12 PM

I will be getting mine hopefully tomorrow or no later than saturday. Once installed I will provide an update...... To prove it works

Edit UPDATE: The micro bypass for my avh-x2500bt worked like a charm. Install was less than 2 minutes...

#8 Nosal

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Posted 27 February 2013 - 04:40 PM

Just wanted give you guys a update. I received the micro bypass yesterday and I installed it. Took about 2 mins to wire up. I'm happy to report that it works flawlessly! So far, this is the only by pass that was able to work on my x5500. All other attempts failed. Both relay and the PAC option didn't work. But the micro bypass worked like a charm.

#9 nc-stereoman

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 08:22 PM

I've installed dozens of bypass relays on previous model Pioneer dvd heads and never had a problem so I was surprised - shocked, I tell you! - when it didn't work on this one. So I couldn't just give up, I had to fiddle with it. And I did find an answer. Maybe not the answer for you (or your customer), but here's how this head unit works with the standard old bypass relay.

When you load a dvd, or when you turn the key on and a dvd is already loaded, you get the dread "strictly prohibited" screen. When you see that, turn the head unit off. Turn it back on again. Then you'll get the "do you promise you've got the e-brake on" screen. Tap "OK". Your video will now play.

#10 dfatback

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Posted 10 May 2013 - 12:20 AM

Just wanted give you guys a update. I received the micro bypass yesterday and I installed it. Took about 2 mins to wire up. I'm happy to report that it works flawlessly! So far, this is the only by pass that was able to work on my x5500. All other attempts failed. Both relay and the PAC option didn't work. But the micro bypass worked like a charm.

sounds like i'm having the same problems you had! i just had my 5500 installed and the bypass does not work,  in fact i'm getting the warning screen with the brake on too. where did you get your current bypass, my installer made this one.. thanks

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