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  1. Did you get this working today by chance. Or you waiting for an answer also.
  2. we just installed one in a customers car and noticed the test channel had no sound. Any help on this asap would be great, I wonder if the deck needs a firmware update.
  3. buy yourself a pac audio tr7 and wire it up for the alpine bypass boom done.
  4. 2013 bypass's

    Awesome sir, i appreciate the help on this, that really does help us as we sell pac pieces and am starting to bring in pioneer ddin vid pieces.
  5. as i was browsing through this thread, i saw that some have posted that the alpine bypass that is preprogrammed on the tr7 will work on this unit. That is if you have app2 radio. thanks for the info, we are thinking of bringing some of these in.
  6. 2013 bypass's

    Hi everyone... Hey i was wondering will the pac tr7 work for the new avh pieces from pioneer..if so anyone know which setting on the piece to use. I know microbypass works but we were just wondering. thanks
  7. CD-BTB200 opinions

    ok,,that is what i've been hearing, i think i'm going to add a parrot piece into the car for bluetooth.
  8. CD-BTB200 opinions

    Hello all.. Hey i was wanting some opinions about the cd-btb200 bluetooth adaptor pioneer has. I have a 3gs iphone and a avhp4300dvd. Any issues with this unit and the adaptor, does it download the phone book, etc. I've heard conflicting reports from people about it. Any info is greatly appreicated, thanks Big Ed
  9. 930bt ipod cable

    Hello avic411 friends. Was wondering will the cd-iu50v ipod cable work on the new avic930bt or does it have to have the 51v instead. any tips would be great.
  10. Hello all... Installed an avic910 into an 04 mountaineer using a 70-5521 and 70-5520av plugs.It does have factory rear overhead video. We get the pop issue on the audiophile amp system. we know it needs a voltage kick down due to 5volt out of factory deck. The problem we have ran into is with the use of the proper harness for the rear factory video (70-5520av) the factory dvd/video comes on for like 5 seconds and then shuts off. Our assumption is that it needs voltage kick down too. We hooked up factory deck again and everything plays normal so it has to be something simple like voltage kickdown like the amp uses in this car. Please help with any suggestions or if someone can point me in the right direction, etc etc. Big Ed Advacned Audio/Video Rogers, Ar
  11. avhp5200dvd bypass

    cool just tested the bypass for a 5200 the relay format is what works. I will try the avic220 on it later, guess i'll have to try the unhook the nav module power up and then reattach to keep video, i believe is what some are saying.
  12. avhp5200dvd bypass

    no sweat i googled it and i believe it was soundmanaudio had a you tube video of the 4200 bypass and title also said 5200 in it. Those guys are pretty good from what i've seen, i've done a 4200 bypass but i was just wanting to get a double check from someone one here. Will try it today.
  13. avhp5200dvd bypass

    what no one can verify this for me
  14. avhp5200dvd bypass

    Hello all.. Hey i was just wanting to confirm that the bypass for the 5200dvd is the same as the 4200 unit. Just use the relay wired up and bam done right. Just wanting to verify. Thanks everyone Also any issues with the video working etc when adding the avic220 nav addon module. Thanks Ed
  15. Welcome to AVIC411.com!

    Awesome,,,glad i found this site... Big ED Team Sweep TEam Kicker