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Controlling music on android from avic unit

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Hey everyone,


I have a AVIC F920BT unit that I connect via bluetooth to my android phone running 4.2.1.

I used to be able to control the music player on android (google music, probably other apps worked too - not sure) using the hardware buttons on the

avic unit ( << and >> ) so I could start playing music or skip to the previous/next song. It would also show song info onscreen about the current playing song.


This doesn't work anymore, and I wonder what the reason is.. could be new android 4.2?

In bluetooth music section on the avic unit, it doesn't work when I press connect. The connection is active though, so I can hear the music playing, the unit just

doesn't seem able to take control of android music controls.


Any ideas on a fix ?





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what version of avic software are you running? have you updated to latest 2012 software and bluetooth firmware - i think this fixes a lot of problems and enables app mode (pandora and/or aha) apps over bluetooth as well as bluetooth audio improvements. I dont have android, but several users have reported improvements with android/bluetooth and 2012 software update.

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