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Bluetooth update failed for AVH-P8400BH

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Add me to the list of failed updates.  I picked up from Crutchfield and am within my 60 day window so I'm good there, but unfortunately, they don't carry this model any more so I can spend the $60 to send it to Pioneer, spend $150 and go for a current model go with a different brand.  I really really really liked the radio.  I guess I'll stop by CarToys and get up close and personal with some other units to see what to do next. 


Dang.  I really liked this radio.

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Just got a response from Pioneer:


Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics. I am sorry to hear of the

problems you've experienced with your car AV stereo.


I will create a work order to have your unit come in to Pioneer for a free

evaluation. If update failure is confirmed you will be charged a special

$95 flat rate that covers restoring BT functionality and return shipping.


I will be contacting them back to have them waive the $95. I tried to update the product using their procedure and it fails. No they want me to pay to repair? Time to raise hell.



bluebirdpod wrote the below:


Well I think I am getting screwed. I should have found these posts first. I did the update and it did the same as all of you. but now being three years later they are being an asshat about it.

this is what my request shows., and they want $80.00 for the evaluation they did. that's Crazy I called and they said the system board needed replaced, that it failed, I said it was only

a Bluetooth update failure, not hardware, she kept arguing at me so I left a message for the supervisor. I can buy a good used one for $200 off ebay. I am going to tell that guy

that I will post all over the internet on twitter/facebook and where ever else makes sense. that's a HUGE PRICE increase.



Total Repair Cost: $356.67


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