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    Just about everything. Currently, I'm learning about LED lighting.
  1. Bluetooth update failed for AVH-P8400BH

    Add me to the list of failed updates. I picked up from Crutchfield and am within my 60 day window so I'm good there, but unfortunately, they don't carry this model any more so I can spend the $60 to send it to Pioneer, spend $150 and go for a current model go with a different brand. I really really really liked the radio. I guess I'll stop by CarToys and get up close and personal with some other units to see what to do next. Dang. I really liked this radio.
  2. Back to the future Time Circuits

    Trying it in my avh-p8409bh tomorrow
  3. Pioneer AVH 4300 backround help

    Sounds like you brake bypass is interfering.
  4. SSD Drive work?

    Nope, my Kingston SSD 256GB drive did not work. In Windows 7, I only had two options for formatting the drive, NTFS and exFAT. As I typed this, I just thought of this... if I partitioned it, then It might let me format it using FAT32. Staples sells a 128GB SSD so maybe I'll return this and get two 128GB instead. Stay tuned...
  5. What series unit do I have?

    Maybe this forum isn't the right place for me to learn about hacks and mods but I just installed my AVH-P8400BH and am ready to see what else I can do with it. I guess the first step is to learn which forum or sub-forum I need to peruse.
  6. ATX Power

    The next time you connect one of your spare AVIC systems, can you snap some photos, too, please?
  7. SD Cards

    My PNY Professional 32GB Class 10 (20MB/s) is working for music and video (once I put the video in the right format). I picked it up from Best Buy on sale for $24.99. I bought the card for my Canon T4i so I already had it laying around. I'll be picking up another one though now for sure.
  8. SSD Drive work?

    Well, my thinking is an SSD drives doesn't require as much power as your normal USB drive since A) they don't have that initial power requirement to spin up the drive and they don't require as much power since there are no moving parts. I'll buy an SSD drive and report back later today.
  9. Download "Jerry's PIMMGR" HERE

    Why doesn't the link ( http://www.avic411.c...pic.php?p=17768 ) work? When I click on the link, I'm rerouted back to the "http://avic411.com/index.php?showtopic=" page which lacks a topic number or post number. I realize this link thread is 5 years old but any link I click on does the same thing, not just this one.
  10. Avh-p8400bh

    I installed my avh-p8400bh today along with a rocker switch. Flip the rocker on, off, on. After that, I was prompted on the screen to click ok and the I was able to see the DVD menu. Before toggling the rocker switch, I could hear the DVD menu music looping in the background. If I didn't already have the switch bank, I'd probably have gone another route. For $2.49, the rocker was a sure fire winner for me. If it hadn't of worked, I wasn't out much. As a side note, my rocker switch is in my center console, hidden. I have a bank of switches so adding another one wasn't a big deal to me (I have a 5 gang bank and have two spaces left. One will be used to toggle the rear camera once I get that ordered (I want to be able to see my load behind my truck). I found the icon on the screen to turn the rear camera on so I might not install a switch - although flipping a toggle switch is fewer clicks than what is required to turn in the camera straight from the HU so well see.
  11. SSD Drive work?

    Has anyone tried using an SSD drive for videos, music, images, whatever? I'm thinking of getting an SSD drive if it'll work. AVH-P8400BH
  12. Win CE boot files

    As long as I backup my units files and store it in a safe place, I can always reload the unit, right? It seems like (again, as long as I have a backup), I could unbrick my system should I brick it, right? My system is the AVH-P8400BH btw.
  13. AVHP8400BH

    New and learning. I have done a lot of reading already on here but I'm a bit confused as to where I should look for information such has hacks, mods, etc for my unit. I just purchased it from Crutchfield and did a dry fit run in my Jeep to make sure everything works (it does). I'm not ready to mod it yet but I would like to know what's available and in order to do that, I need to know which forum to look in. Thanks, Rev
  14. I'm installing my 8400 right now and ill give it a shot.