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AppRadio - stuck on screensaver, forever

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ive got the original AppRadio, it's a little over a year old. in september it died and best buy had it sent out to pioneer for a replacement motherboard. i had come to terms with it not working w/ iphone 5, and figured id at least enjoy it as a glorified radio and ipod head unit. 


new problem -- it's now stuck on the screensaver animation, and will never show the proper UI, rendering it completely inoperable. oddly, this was a gradual thing -- it would only be "stuck" on the screensaver once in a while, then more & more frequently until finally every time i start the car it simply stays in the screensaver mode.


ive tried the reset button, does nothing.


any other ideas?





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Clearly its defective again. What do you want us to tell you?


gee, youre a helpful one. cant imagine why i rarely visit here....


clearly its not working again. what im looking for is ideas on how to troubleshoot, diagnose, ideas on resetting, etc... i would imagine it's a software issue, not a hardware defect like when it went dead. 


does anyone know if theres a way to perform a reset on the device? or a way to force it to shut down?

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Yes, that is a good first plan. Second thing. To deactivate the screensaver entirely and hopefully prevent that, follow this video's guidance. Hopefully that helps. Sorry about your radio. Also don't let one person mar an overall experience. One person a trend does not make. 



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i disconnected the car battery, confirmed the car would not start, radio dead, etc.. then reattached car batter. appradio still stuck on screensaver. looks like its hosed. 


prolly get the appradio 3, despite pioneer's complete lack of decent interface programming, quality, or support. sadly, theres nobody doing it better, is there? maybe once the iOS 7 "In The Car" stuff trickles down to aftermarket head units we'll get some decent competition. 


thank you, pioneer, for less than a year of use on this thing.

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