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  1. hey im an enterprise software developer so im used to complication, but when im driving i dont want to fiddle around with that crap either...simple is good. lack of bluetooth is mildly annoying, but since i always plug in when i want to use nav in order to charge, im doubting this will be much of an issue. since my AR1 i installed a permanent phone dock (ProClip USA), so i usually dock as a matter of course. yeah, maybe ill try the alpine this iteration and report back.
  2. not seeing the $200-more; actual pricing is the same: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-46IfxYuqkIE/p_130SPDA120/Pioneer-SPH-DA120-AppRadio-4.html http://www.crutchfield.com/S-FS4WidwQdqH/p_500ILX007/Alpine-iLX-007.html ...same price, and the alpine has a bigger screen and physical buttons. from the reviews ive seen it has an edge in screen responsiveness and sound. seems a trade-off for losing stand-alone bluetooth. w/o an iphone the alpine is still a terrestrial radio, which i listen to quite a bit (we have good radio here). true, i dont have experience w/ alpine, but Pioneer as a co
  3. while that may be true, how many times do you want to get burned by Pioneer? im tired of their shitty implementations and crummy UI decisions. getting rid of physical buttons is a bummer, too. when i take out my AR3 i think i may go the Alpine route. tho i do agree -- for a carplay-only device the alpine 007 is too expensive for not even doing bluetooth.
  4. incorrect -- on this main AR3 product page Pioneer does indeed say it provides voice guidance for all choices: You also have the option of using the built-in Google® Maps on Android devices and Apple Maps on the iOS platform. With all of these choices including voice guidance and on-screen control of maps, AppRadio really knows navigation and gives you more ways to get to where you are going. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/AppRadio/AppRadio+3+(SPH-DA210) ...there is no mistake: theyre saying right there that it supports voice guidance on Apple Maps. however, the actual
  5. not a great solution for me -- i got onboard w/ AR in order to have one device to do both music and nav. still trying to figure out from pioneer how AR3 is supposed provide voice guidance in Apple Maps, as it purports to do on their site.
  6. do yo have links to your threads & videos? i may look into ARE, but dealing with hacks isnt my idea of a good time (software dev during day job, last thing i want to do at home is dork with more). it's pretty weak that pioneer isnt currently offering the basic functionality that theyre claiming they do. ive just submitted a ticket to them to ask how one can get Apple Maps voice guidance as advertised on the AR3 product page. will see what they say. to email support w/ functionality or enhancement requests go here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/AboutPioneer/Contact+Us
  7. well since vblue evidently believes readers here are psychic and can find any random thread he mentions, let me give specific answers to the questions asked. Waze does indeed offer full touch, and is AppRadio-compatible thus uses the external display in driving-mode. however im disappointed that since being acquired by google, waze is now delivering popup ads onto your screen while youre navigating -- wtf. this should last until somebody crashes and sues google for making them deal with an ad for Taco Bell while driving. the other GPS apps are all disappointing -- MotionX doesnt offer
  8. Waze is nice in that it's coded to use an external display. Waze is not nice in that it now shows popup ads on half the screen along your route. atrocious. probably surprising since it's now owned by an advertising company (google).
  9. Pioneer really doesnt care. i bought my AR1 new at best buy 9 months before iphone5 came out, and got zero support. wouldnt even offer rebates for a supposedly "future proof" head unit. then to add insult to injury, my AR1 went on the fritz shortly after 12 months. i hate to reward them w/ another purchase, but i find the AR3 is the best option, as deeply flawed as it is by awful hardware & software design.
  10. tested a Dynex (as well as some other brand adapters) as a sanity check, they fit. the AmazonBasics from my link (3D, ethernet, etc) is too fat. their site has a good frontal image, but here are a couple more: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3m5ra7ke6mbex22/amazon1.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ltfa95csjk5ztm/amazon2.jpg http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-High-Speed-HDMI-Cable-Meters/dp/B003L1ZYYM
  11. what's the model or ASIN # of the Amazon cable you're using? mines in the link above -- the one they shipped physically will not fit into the AR3 port...
  12. just got my AR3 along with some third party cables since I don't plan on using the CD-IH202 iphone5 kit. problem already, tho -- the $5 "AmazonBasics" 2-meter hdmi cable (http://tinyurl.com/3dj6sdh) doesn't fit the head unit port! the cable's end header is too fat, impossible to insert the cable into the deeply recessed AR3 port. dah!! which ones are you folks using? the one included in the CD-IH202 is an "automotive grade" cable, which has two features 1) designed for temperatures and vibrations found in a vehicle, 2) header designed for clips to prevent dislodging (AR3 comes with one of th
  13. that ebay item isnt what im referring to -- that's a Lightning extension cable. im referring to a USB extension cable, which would reside between the head unit and the USB-to-Lightning cable.
  14. riiiight. I think your sarcasm detector is faulty. may want to get it looked at.
  15. I've got an AppRadio 3 coming in, and am getting the necessary cables for iphone5 compatibility. can anyone confirm whether any brand of USB extension (1 meter) will work on the head unit, between it and the USB-to-lightning cable? thanks
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