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AVIC-D3 and XM radio

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Hello. I am new to your forums. I recently purchased a new head unit for my truck. Reason being, the AVIC-D3's Bluetooth wont work with new Smartphones, or at least all the ones I tried, Hands free phone in my truck is a must as it is my work vehicle. It seems if I can even get a new smartphone to connect, the unit will disconnect as soon as a call is made or receive a call. Am I doing something wrong, or is this so?


With that said, I gave the AVIC-D3 to my son and he has installed it in his '99 F150. He had to buck up the inside of the dash to get it to fit, but he did a nice job and it fits perfectly. Looks factory. He is wanting to purchase the GEX-P920XM XM Digital Satellite Radio Tuner so he can have sat radio. Problem is, he has read that XM is no longer in existence and has been absorbed by Sirius. Is that the proper modual for the AVIC-D3 and will it still work?



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I just replaced my AVIC-D3 recently and have a Samsung Galaxy S4, I didn't have any problems connecting to my D3.


As for XM for the D3, the GEX-P920XM should work, as that's what I had with my D3 install and had been using it for years. I only had to go with the new style SiriusXM tuner because I got a new AVH-X5600 head unit.


I no longer need my GEX-P920XM, so if you're interested in purchasing it from me, let's talk. Just send me a PM here.



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