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AVIC-X950BH/850BT/X8510BT 2014 MAPS OUT

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So I bought the map update sd card from navigation.com and applied it to a stock x850bt and it worked fine. When a map update is applied does it write data to the sd card so it can't be reused in another head unit? I want to sell it on eBay but I don't want to screw the buyer if it won't work for them. Does anyone know anything about that?

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I was so super excited to get my new x850 that while installing the unit, I bought the 2014 map update...which I subsequently lost the microSD in the weeks of install and ripping my car apart.  Called the support nimber, figuring that they would give me a DL link since i have my order number and all the packaging...and NO!  "There is nothing they can do."  I find this insane, and am slightly furious...since I simply cant pay another 120 for a map update that i dont really even know if I need.


obviously, if anyone had the update they would post, but i thought id try begging once to see if anyone has the update they can share or any ideas on how to get the damn thing I bought replaced...


Much appreciated...loce the forum.

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