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  1. The map update does not need to be sequential, but I read somewhere on this site that the Bluetooth update should be sequential. I did the sequential Bluetooth updates on my system and I have no issues, but I have read many posts where people have Bluetooth issues after updating and I think it's because they didn't do the Bluetooth updates sequentially. Fortunately the Bluetooth updates are manual anyway and aren't automatic with the map updates, so hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to collect them all from the various posts on this site.
  2. [X930BT] - Password Recovery (obsolete)

    The answer is in the first post. RonS, probably best to just lock this thread with a message to read the first post.
  3. Not sure if it's been brought up, but it likely isn't the Brand of SD card, but the capacity. Most of the older units discussed in this forum have a hard time with anything over the size of 16GB and they seem pretty picky about the formatting. FAT16 or FAT32 only.
  4. USB disconnects after a few minutes

    Check the manual to be sure, but there are limits on the MB size of the memory stick and also there is a limit on the number of songs/folders in the root of the drive. There may not to be a limit on songs in sub-directories, but you should adjust the folders/files to reflect the root song/folder limit.
  5. [X930BT] - Password Recovery (obsolete)

    When the forum software changed, the post numbers stopped being displayed. How do you find post #151 with this new forum look?
  6. Stop it! Stop using Condi anything, any version, just stop. You got lucky and didn't brick your system. You can get the password.dat file using SuperTestMode and it doesn't brick your system.
  7. F930BT

  8. Stop using this hackmode and delete it. Search for the password reset thread instead. Hopefully you haven't ruined your unit with hackmode as it does hack your system. There is no need to do any hacking.
  9. [X930BT] - Password Recovery (obsolete)

  10. AVIC X950BH..Unable to eject CD/DVD

    The manual for your unit does not mention a force eject, but it does say in several places that you will be unable to eject if you've used unsupported discs. If it were me, I would try a hard reset(remove negative battery cable for 15 minutes) and hope eject works after reconnecting the battery.
  11. Please share your victory so others who might have the same issue can save a headache.
  12. shortens it? the name is shorter than VOLUME.DAT and VOLUME.DAT is not shortened to VOLUME <DIR> i'm looking at picture: http://s1271.photobucket.com/user/aerovette99/media/IMG_20170102_1050261_zpskwpupurx.jpg.html I do see another one now though that looks correct: http://s1271.photobucket.com/user/aerovette99/media/IMG_20170104_1149301_zps7jaifj48.jpg.html Which one of these is your current setup? What about App Connection settings?
  13. The existence of PRG.FLG file in the USER folder tells the unit to use the files in PRG1 <DIR> If the PRG.FLG file does not exist in the USER folder, the unit uses the files in PRG0 <DIR> Your picture shows that you do NOT have PRG.FLG in the USER folder. It should look like VOLUME.DAT but your picture shows PRG <DIR> when it should be PRG.FLG Also, just to be sure, go to Settings/AV Settings and make sure "App Connection" is set to Bluetooth not Wired.