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F900BT no sound from iphone 5 lightning cable, any fix?

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I've searched everywhere and couldn't find a straight answer. Some say the new lightning cable transfer sound through digital etc etc.

Is there a work around to get the F900BT to play music from iphone 5?

Actually I can even transfer sound through the AUX cable alone, that shouldn't have anything to do with digital or analog.

Help is greatly appreciated, even getting AUX to work would be great. Thanks and sorry if I've posted a previously answered question but I tried searching.


Things I've tried:

-updated firmware to 2.000000

-plugging in both AUX and apple factory USB cable

-set AV1 to ipod


The FAQ mentioned cables are only available for iphone 4 and older:

Q. My iPod is connected but won’t play music, what's wrong?
A. You need either the CD-IU230V iPod cable by Pioneer or the Apple iPod A/V Composite Cable. Both cables have both USB connections and standard composite Audio/Video connections. The standard iPod USB cable (that comes with every iPod/iPhone) will allow control of the iPod and display of iPod content on the the F-Series, but will not play music or video.

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Go to A/V Settings and turn on AV1 to iPod.

The audio and video signal is transmited through the composite audio and video cables.

Lighting cable only allows the radio to controls the playlist.


I set AV1 to iPod and AV2 to video, but when lightning cable is connected it turns to ipod control and have no sound. the only way i can get sound is from the av when the lightning cable is not connected.

So my question is, is there a way to have sound via the av cable while having lightning cable connected?


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