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AVIC-MRZ088 to f700 Conversion

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I attempted this mod recently, based on what others have reported here, without the desired success. I got the f700 image to load on to the unit and it booted up nicely in English, however, with the exception of the systems setting menu, no functions operate. 


Can anyone advise whether or not it is actually  possible to convert the Japanese unit to the english version successfully, as at least one person here have announced, or is it just not possible to do?


My dilemma is that I have attempted to save my orriginal image but was unable to as everything was in Japanese, so I am also not able to restore the unit to the orriginal model type.


Can anyone advise on how to either update successfully or to do a restore?



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Hello Javelin

I just have bought a japanese car for my wife and unfortunately the audio video /navigation system is in japanese too.

I cannot see which exact model it is, it shows "Raku Navi Lite" at startup, it looks like the pictures shown for mrz077/mrz09 models, it is only controled through touchscreen and the buttons on the bottom.

Is there a menu (in japanese) that can be accessed to show the model number of the unit ?

moreover, I would like to transform it in a european device just as you did for your mrs088, but before I would like to know :

- is it possible to perform a backup of the current device firmware ?

- how can I choose the european device firmware among the various Pioneer AVIC-xxxx navigation systems ?

- is it safe to flash a firmware for european/us device over a japanese one ? could it lead to bricking the system ?

- after flashing new rom, will I get european FM frequencies (88-108) instead of the lower (76-90) japanese FM frequencies ?


Thanks in advance for your help

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Fplatel. My response to your queries are years late; this is actually the first time that im seeing your message. I expect that by now you would have resolved your MRZ 099 issues. I will nontheless post my best answers.


First off, the model number of my MRZ088  is printed at the bottom left (your right) of the unit, just below the screen area. Based upon my observation, this is where the designation number of most other units are printed, so this is the first place that I would look. Your model number can also be found inside windows explorer but you would need to do some poking around and its likely in Japanese.


After the conversation, my MRZ088 came up as an F700bt unit. Im not sure which English model ur unit is compatible with but it is possible to research it.


I am quite sure that a backup of ur unit cam be done. I cant quite recall why I did not make a backup of my unit;I probably did not understand how to do it at the time. Im much more conversant with that now though.  You can use the copy command in Test mode.


The Italian site has a multi-language version which allows you to select one of several different nav app within the install so you may want to try installing that version.


As far as flashing an European firmware to your Japanese device, thats exactly how the conversion is done, just that you would delete the installation from the active drive and then copy and paste the new firmware. Dont forget to make a backup first.


Unfortunately, installing the new firmware does not change the frequency bandwidth from the Japanese frequency range so you will need to install a FM expander on the antennae line.


I hope that someone will find this useful, now or sometime in the future



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The firmware that I used was the Hybrid Mod, however i found that Ryar's avicnet as well as the Italian multi-language versions work beautifully too.


The Hybrid and Ryars version are available for download via links from this website.


There is a link in Ryar's post to the Italian thread containing their download link.


Dont forget to save a copy of ur units "my flash disk" first.


Good luck

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Hi talc960,

My unit is the mrz03. I want update/upgrade my firmware also. I am not seeing a reset button/hole on my unit. How do I get into windows mode. I can get into restore using navi button plus 3 sets of right-left.

Any further assistance would be grateful

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