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  1. AVIC-MRZ088 to f700 Conversion

    The firmware that I used was the Hybrid Mod, however i found that Ryar's avicnet as well as the Italian multi-language versions work beautifully too. The Hybrid and Ryars version are available for download via links from this website. There is a link in Ryar's post to the Italian thread containing their download link. Dont forget to save a copy of ur units "my flash disk" first. Good luck
  2. AVIC-MRZ088 how can I...???

    It is possible to convert ur unit to english, it is done using the Hybrid version of the software, then you can use the italian multilanguage or Ryar's avicnet versions. Be sure to backup ur entire my flash disk first. Good luck
  3. Avic f7010 problem

    Seant you could also email me a copy of your 'contents" folder and have me take a look at that. My address is talc960@yahoo.com
  4. Avic f7010 problem

    Did something wrong there, obviously Anyway, this is a reply to the post from Seant To reinstall the WinCE 5 OS on ur unit, i suggest that you download a version that is readily available here and copy that to a micro SD Card formatted to FAT or Fat 32, then try to re-flash the firmware. Im assuming that you also have a copy of the firmware saved to your hard drive, in which case I suggest that you use that saved copy and write it to a SD card that is formatted as I mentioned above. Good luck
  5. Avic f7010 problem

    OK and while back my unit stopped working. I bought a repair SD card off eBay which I believe just reinstalled the firmware. Unit worked perfectly after that. 2 days ago I had to remove the car battery and now my unit has stopped working again. Only boots up to the pioneer logo as it did the last time it stopped working. I tried using the updated firmware as before but it's not working. Now I'm not sure if this is down to the fact I copied the files off the purchased SD card to my hard drive as I knew the SD card would get misplaced, and I have done something wrong while transferring them back to another SD card or the unit being fubar.. After holding all the button down step and getting to the menu with wince upgrade I'm getting the message sdmmc update fail!! Any key to continue. Can anyone give me any advice? I messaged the eBay seller but they have not responded and I don't want to buy another card off them if the unit is beyond repair. Oh if I put in a CD when the pioneer logo is displayed it will play. I just can't skip songs or anything other than change volume!! Thanks in advance
  6. AVIC-MRZ088 to f700 Conversion

    Fplatel. My response to your queries are years late; this is actually the first time that im seeing your message. I expect that by now you would have resolved your MRZ 099 issues. I will nontheless post my best answers. First off, the model number of my MRZ088 is printed at the bottom left (your right) of the unit, just below the screen area. Based upon my observation, this is where the designation number of most other units are printed, so this is the first place that I would look. Your model number can also be found inside windows explorer but you would need to do some poking around and its likely in Japanese. After the conversation, my MRZ088 came up as an F700bt unit. Im not sure which English model ur unit is compatible with but it is possible to research it. I am quite sure that a backup of ur unit cam be done. I cant quite recall why I did not make a backup of my unit;I probably did not understand how to do it at the time. Im much more conversant with that now though. You can use the copy command in Test mode. The Italian site has a multi-language version which allows you to select one of several different nav app within the install so you may want to try installing that version. As far as flashing an European firmware to your Japanese device, thats exactly how the conversion is done, just that you would delete the installation from the active drive and then copy and paste the new firmware. Dont forget to make a backup first. Unfortunately, installing the new firmware does not change the frequency bandwidth from the Japanese frequency range so you will need to install a FM expander on the antennae line. I hope that someone will find this useful, now or sometime in the future
  7. AVIC MRZ088

    Well, that was eons ago. Pleased to say I eventually got the unit working with the Hybrid conversation, then switched to the multi-language from the Italian forum. Unit worked like a charm until earlier this year when i decided to upgrade Garmin. Has been bricked ever since. Im unable to even get the backup image of the conversation to work. I strongly suspect a countermeasure from garmin/pioneer. Planning to replace this bricked article with something else soon.
  8. Hi everyone I hope I am posting in the correct thread with this issue. I have been running a converted MRZ 088 unit for well over three years until I attempted to update the Garmin feature. After this attempt, all extras were gone from the unit, as if a malware was introduced. I attempted to reload the firmware however, nothing works, after a zillion attempts using various different iterations of the firmware. After examining the files loaded onto the system, I observed a "dump file" showing where execution seem to stop at a "JIT.EXE. I presume this means "just-in-time". Can anyone here shed any light as to what may have occurred and how this can be overcome.? All I get from the unit is the slash screen, nothing else. A few times the system appear to start initializing then stops abruptly, other times nothing happens. Thanks for any help Talc960@yahoo.com
  9. F700BT F710BT F900BT F70BT F90BT 2014 Q1 EU Maps

    Hello AVIC Net Community. I took posession of a Japanees AVIC unit some 2 years ago and was successful in converting it to the F900 standard. This thing worked beautifully until I experimented with upgrading the Garmin app. Turned out that all the extras were deleted from the unit after the attempted update. In addition I lost access to the SD card terminal, making it impossible to further modify the unit. I recently discovered that by resetting the user data, I was able to bring the card slot back online so I attempted to restore the lost functionality. However, after writing back the backup copy to the unit, nothing works. I have tried several different versions of the software but to no avail. Furthest I got was the language selection screen but after that, startup screen only. Im thinking that Garmin somehow introduced some kind of malware in their update that targets Mods like ours, which hardcodes the Unit, rendering them unable to accept further modification, however, this is just my theory. Does anyone here have any suggestions? I hope this thread has not died. Thanks in advance.