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TMC actually works but no FM - figure that one out ?

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TMC actually works but no FM

I don't understand that as TMC works via FM !!!


Anyone know if this may be software setting related ? I put the latest 3.02.100 on the unit. That sorted some reluctance to show the SD card I put in but the FM still doesn't auto tune or hear anything on channels skipping about.

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Actually, if it's the old F90/F900BT model, then there are actually 2 tuner modules.  Antenna goes to an RF splitter, with one output going to the FM/AM Tuner module on the Audio board while the other output goes to the TMC/FM6 module in the Navi board.  So you might have a bad FM/AM Tuner module, OR the Navi board isn't doing some sort of correct setup of the Tuner after you put 3.02.100 on the board.


There are different device types in the AVIC software (especially the iGo folder) that differentiate between the US and Europe models.  Did you happen to flash a European unit with a US update?  The US tuning modes are different than the European ones (mentioned once or twice on this forum)...

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Thanks, great unit I guess its the FM H/w then. in which case probably far easier just to fit the DAB then via AV

Not S/W as it already had 3.02.02 before hand with the same issue


Don't think it would be the US issue as I'm sure its UK (someone sold as faulty removed from a UK car they bought) 2009 model and even with stepping issues at some point would pick up something - this has nothing at all.

I guess it could be fixed then but this may be cost ineffectice versus other options, I can get a CKO DAB2011 for 60GBP plus DAB aerial fitting


At least I know why the TMC works but FM doesn't now !

Thanks anyway

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