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F700BT F710BT F900BT F70BT F90BT 2014 Q1 EU Maps

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Here is the link to the new Q1 2014 Maps.


Tested on F710BT


U have to have allready a patched exupdate.exe and running the latest wince version.


These are only!! the map files. so Maps,Building,Poi's no other stuff !!





just put the map,building,poi's in the apl2/custom of the country's u want and off u go.



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MANY thanks for this :) greatly appreciated.

Just adds a bit of life to my aging F900bt! :D


Just to clarify - I'm running OS3.

Is it a "simple" case of getting into the Windows page and copy/pasting the relevant maps/buildings/pois?


Running the device in the UK.





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