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Pioneer AVIC 5100 NEX - iPhone 5s Freezing

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Hi Gurus of all things NEX


I recently brought my wife a 5100NEX for her 2011 Nissan Altima (BIG IM SORRY PRESENT).


Anyhow, I have an iPhone 6, and when I plugged in my 6 to her deck to make sure everything was working good, I had 0 problems.


So after I showed her the car, and the radio she plugged in her 5s and we took off for a trip down to wine country. Well,

about 10 minutes into the drive, the 5100 stopped responding in Car Play mode. The CD still worked, the Radio still worked,

bluetooth with the 5s was flawless, but we couldn't get CarPlay to work... I have no idea what's going on and I can't find

anything on any support forums that lists the 5s as having issues with CarPlay. It's running iOS 8.3 however I haven't done the

firmware update to the NEX yet..

(as a side note, we unplugged her 5s and plugged in my 6 and carplay worked perfectly)


It maybe worth noting that In my Ford Fusion I have the 7100NEX and her phone acts goofy in my car as well. I haven't tried to plug

in someone else's 5s yet too see if it's just her phone... If anyone has heard anything related to this issue please let me know... 


I'm going to do the firmware updates today to both of the decks to see if that that fixes the issue.


Thanks in advance for all your help guys & gals.



Bryan Garcia

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Try turning the phone off, then back on again. Also, make sure that CarPlay is allowed to work when the phone is locked.


If that doesn't work, and you know the problem is with her phone, you might want to try a restore of the phone. Make sure you sync before you do it so it has a good backup to restore from.

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