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AVIC X930BT password

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After reconnecting battery in my truck the receiver is asking for a password. I don't remember installing a password. The only password I remember is 1111 for Bluetooth. Please help. I did google it the solution is somewhere on this site but I can't find it. Please Help,

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Get the supertestmode.zip file and unzip testmode.key to your desktop.

get a 4GB or 8GB sd card and format it FAT32 with 16K Allocation unit size selected.

Copy testmode.key onto the newly formatted sd card.

power off your unit

put the sd card in the slot

power on your unit

Go to THIS LINK and skip the part about condi and go down to the screen shots showing test mode and how to find your password.


NOTE: you do not want to use condi as it will brick your unit.  you only need testmode.key

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