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Trouble with Bluetooth Audio, Avic F930BT

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Hello Everybody


I just bought a car with the F930BT system. Everything seems to work properly but the audio function of the bluetooth. 

If I want to play the music from my phone there is nothing appear on the Pioneer display. I explain better: I switch on the BT connection (I have a Samsung S6). I can call, I can see all my contacts. But when I want to play music I need to use the phone to visualize the tracks or to play or stop. I can not play, stop or move forward from the Avic display. I have no info about the tracks. Randomly one time it seemed work, but with any particular manipulation on my side


Someone can help?



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hey Sjarrel


Thanks for the reply. I checked out Pioneer page and I just found the radio firmware update. U might know another link where I can find the system update?

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I have the same problem (Galaxy S5).. only reconnecting my phone to the radio like 2/3 times in a row makes it work. Otherwise its just the black screen. Very annoying!

Will updating the firmware do any good or has it got something to do with the bluetooth software?

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