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Forum Issue (content history) - Help!

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Hello all, it's been about 2 years since i've been on, so long time no see! I had a need to check out some of my old posts to find my notes on upgrading a Z120 to a specific app version and I was able to find them when I logged on.  However, as soon as I made a new post, my post history disappeared and only shows my new post in the post history (Click on username at top left, go to My Content, then click Only Posts by Me).  My post count didn't drop, so I know they are all still there, but it seems like a filter or something has been triggered to where it only wants to show those new posts.


Wasn't sure how to reach the forum admin so i'm hoping someone will see the post here or someone else may have the answer.  Wouldn't be too big of a deal, but I used that feature as a reference guide to look up threads with these notes and it would take forever to find them otherwise.

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