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8200 USB & HDMI questions with iPhone

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Hey folks,


I just picked up an 8200NEX to be installed by the local shop later this week, but I have some questions so that I can be prepared going in.  I understand the unit comes with a single USB extension cable.  Presumably this will connect to the USB1 input on the back for Apple CarPlay.  Questions:

  1. Assuming I have no intention of connecting an android phone, can I still make use of the second USB input? What benefit might this serve me?  E.g., could I use this to charge a second device?  
  2. What happens if I have two devices connected at the same time (say an iPhone to USB1 and an iPod to USB2)?  Will the system freak out or will I simply have additional options of what I wish to use?
  3. Do I require any specific type of cable, or any old 6ft USB extension cable will work?
  4. To make use of the HDMI mirroring, can I use any hdmi cable?  
  5. Could I use the second USB port to charge while using HDMI?






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Congrats! I'm the proud owner of an 8200 as well. I took a fist full of cables and had the installer run them all to my glove box for future use. This included a RCA (for video), HDMI, both usb's, and the aux. I haven't yet tried the hdmi, or plugging in two phones at once. I did see a you-tube video on getting a hdmi splitter so you can mirror, but haven't tried that yet either.


Watch this:


Hope this helps,



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