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Need Map update for F700BT

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My latest upgrade was the CNSD-100FM. I think this updated the unit to v3.020100 firmware and 2009 maps 2.0004. I would like to update to the latest US maps.

Can someone please provide me the instructions and links.

Guess I may need to update firmware and will need testmode.





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Start here to update firmware:




Here next to update maps:




I did this, but didn't have to install a third party mod.  After I did the firmware update, I copied the new map and poi files to their correct folders and the they worked correctly.


Almost forgot...  Make sure you back up before you start.  You need the backed up files for the firmware upgrade anyway.  Since they did a lot of construction in the Pittsburgh area, it's awesome that it doesn't look like I'm driving through someone's back yard now.  ...lol

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