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X930BT has new update, but bluetooth no longer functions correctly

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So I reinstalled the 3.32 BT and suddenly the Bluetooth audio is working, and I mean EVERYTHING.  AHA, Pandora, and phone music...

Relieved.  Yesterday the system remembers everything and I don't have to do anything but hit play on my phone music.

Today I am driving and enjoying a little Pink Floyd and I stop at Home Depot.  I come back out and the unit will not pair again with the phone.  The password code keeps popping up.  Finally it realizes the password code,but again I cannot check the media audio, nor can I connect via bluetooth from the HU..

Is this thing haunted???  Just when I was really enjoying it..


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I updated to the 6.0 with the 2015 maps, but now my One plus 3 can no longer connect to the X930BT.  

I used 

Then extract the files, copy UPDATE, FIRMWARE, and CardInfo.CIF to the root of a freshly formatted FAT32 SD, and insert it into your unit.


Any ideas??  


Thanks in advance

Never mind :) sorry for the noise

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On 21-1-2017 at 9:43 PM, wascapsfan said:


Hi wascapsfan,

can you share your fix with me please?
Ever since I got my car second hand the bluetooth was not working so I am interested in knowing how you got the thing going again.

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