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  1. F9220BT Lost Bluetooth Firmware

    Hi all, still mourning the disactivated BT-funtions of my unit. Did anyone make any progress? Still no lead on the update-files that might jolt the thin back to life with an update attempt.
  2. SUCCES!! I started comparing folder content from the unit with the 2017 update files. It seems that I was a little too excited when I went to delete Navi.exe and ended up deleting AIPI_Navi.dll. Copied that in PRG1\APL and hey presto, boots up like a good'n again! Thank you RonS for your insight, suggestions and for not straight-out calling me a moron for messing up my unit Even though I deserve it. All is well again! Now let's try that nag-screen hack again!
  3. Hi wascapsfan, can you share your fix with me please? Ever since I got my car second hand the bluetooth was not working so I am interested in knowing how you got the thing going again.
  4. RonS, Thank you for the reply. Will give the forced program write a go. Can I do this with the Firmware folder from the 2017 update files or will it just accept the BT folder on SD?
  5. You are right RonS, no need for Testmode to update the BT. After the maps update I tried the 'Firmware update' button under the 'Bluetooth Settings' (once it became active) as per instructions. All to no avail, after a good 10 minutes of trying to start the update process a message is displayed in the lines af "an error occured and the update failed". So I am curious to hear about any other method of 'jumpstarting' the BT, perhaps by copying/pasting files directely in their respective folders using Testmode. It might help to know what the content of the BT-folder should look like using Testmode. I schould mention that the BT-module test using Testmode fails. So obviously there is something dodgy going on in there...
  6. Thank you Godzilla and RonS, just finnished updating my F920BT to the 2017 map version! 1 I used the shortfuse hack (patched the altered renewallFlib.dll in Prg1) 2 next I booted with the 2017 update on SD card and when prompted entered the password PASSWORDPASSWORD. Like a glove! Unfortunately the bluetooth update did not fix my limp BT. It still reads --------------- under BT version. As if there is nothing there to update from. Do any of you know what files need to go in which folders using testmode.key? If at all possible.. Thanx again to the Headunit Grandmasters!
  7. F9220BT Lost Bluetooth Firmware

    Hi guys and gals, I too have the missing BT-firmware problem ever since I bought the car second hand. I updated my unit (F920BT!!) from the 2010 to the 2015 maps version and then tried to update my bluetooth firmware aswell. It showed a message that the update would take several minutes etc. but after a few minutes gave up: "an error occured and the BT firmware could not be updated". Could it be that it can not update because there is no original firmware to be found ("Version: ----------- ") ? If so 1 were do I get my hands on the original 2010 version of that file? 2 what file am I looking for? Any suggestions are welcome as I am running out of ideas here.