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Nothing but problems since trying to update to 1.5 (8100)

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So I was running 1.3 and recently i would for no reason just index all music from SD card and from USB1, it would hold on the index for a few days then for no reason just reindex. Its over 100GB of music between to two drives so i decided to check for a update. 


Found 1.5 then before i installed it show the thread for 1.7, in the process saw the thread for Cracked map updates (Awesome) and for the bypass screen removal (later to notice the 8100 is not supported).


So I installed the 1.7 update checked the bluetooth and it is not grayed out. After sometime it will come back but it have no firmware listed and doesnt work but the Update firmware option is accessible . I have tried to do a firmware update using the files found in the AVIC5100NEX update folder for 3 versions 1.3, .1.5, 1.7 but so far all three fail. So currently I do not have working BT


Issue 2 I followed the instruction to load the Cracked Maps SW and it doesnt boot into the mode needed to load it.


Can someone help me get back to a working Unit?


Update Figured out you need to put all the files for the Maps on the root and not in the folder like the normal updates now just need help with BT :)


I do remember there being a seperate BT update in the past but i cant seem to find it to at least get a older but working BT back

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