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SPH-DA120 | Possible to install EU firmware on US hardware?

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I live in Europe and i bought a US SPH-DA120.

The FM radio bands are different (US: 99.1/99.3/99.5 vs EU: 99.0/99.2/99.4).

So I wanna try fixing it by installing EU firmware on the US hardware but I'm too afraid it will brick my machine.

I've tried searching online and only found this thread.

Someone have experience/insights/information about this?



update in the comment bellow.

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So after a lot of digging and help from this thread http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83064-sph-da120-radio-frequency-odd-to-even-solution/ (thanks hilux).

I successfully converted my stereo from US to EU by updating to a EU uCom version. Its an internal firmware different from the one pioneer provides openly.

You can find all the files you need on 4pda.ru (need to register in order to download). 

If someone wants i can upload a guide.

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