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  1. software error screen

    Just want say a big thank you to bonee for posting the DA120 Img, I've got my unit up and running again.
  2. Your computer won't recognise the SD card because it is locked using CMD42 by the head unit.
  3. I would appreciate it if you could upload a guide.
  4. software error screen

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could upload the DA120 img and send me a link.
  5. software error screen

    Is this the 5000nex internal sd image that you posted?
  6. software error screen

    Is it possible to boot from the US image and then force update the EU firmware?
  7. software error screen

    Anyone got a EU SPH-DA120 image please?
  8. Backups and Images

    Anyone got a EU SPH-DA120 image please?
  9. Appradio 4 sph-da120

    Hi all, I tried upgrading the firmware on my SPH-DA120 from version 1.07 to 1.14 after 2 hours it reached 20% so I had to take the head unit out and connect it to a 12v PC PSU in the home, after 7 hours the update was complete, tested and it was working fine, after fitting it back into the car all I get is the Pioneer logo. It looks like the 4GB internal SD card has become corrupt hence why it also took so long to update the firmware. Does anyone have a backup image of the SD card so I can restore my unit. SPH-DA120 EU model.