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Stephen Done

SPH DA-120 Wired Remote Voice Command

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I have an SPH-DA120 which I am using with an iPhone 7 Plus in CarPlay mode.


Does anyone know if the Pioneer Wired Remote connection supports the 'Voice Command' of the iPhone?

I.e. Ability to invoke SIRI?


I have an SWI-CP5 steering wheel controls interface, which is working for all other commands. However, I can't invoke SIRI, to make a hands free phone call for example. This is the main reason I chose this setup.


Does anyone know if the head unit has the ability to interpret this command on the wired remote interface?


Thanks for any help.



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I'm not sure about the SWI-CP5, but I have an Axxess ASWC-1 adapter in use with my SPH-DA120 and I can definitely get Siri to work by using the "push to talk" button on my steering wheel. 

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