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4000Nex Stuck in Boot Loop

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My 4000Nex recently stopped working on me after 2 years of regular use. It would boot to the screen with the Pioneer logo and "Loading..." for about 15 seconds and restart over and over. I have tried:


-Disconnecting the car battery

-Pressing the tiny reset button


I believe the internal SD card is corrupted and will need to be replaced. Where can I find instructions on replacing the SD card and flashing the new SD card with the backup image?



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Hi Jerry, 


I am in the same exact boat. Had the unit for 2 years then it started to do the continuous boot screen restarts. I pulled out the internal SD and found that it wasn't recognized by a Windows or Mac system.  Still waiting for a backup img for the 4000nex. 


The internal SD card is located below the CD transport on the front right side. See the photo in the link below. 



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On 7/16/2018 at 3:30 AM, vasili_84 said:

All regards to me tonight, I will write a detailed instruction on how to restore your device from any state.

Dang. I need this actually. MY head unit has worked fine for 3 years and randomly started doing the dreaded boot loop. I am reading through the forums thoroughly before attempting to modify or change the firmware. looks like the general consensus is that the internal sd card is bad. 


Can anyone help a brother out with a walk through? TY

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