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  1. Boa noite amigo! Tem como me ajudar? O meu pioneer é o AVH-Z9280TV! DEU ERRO DE SOFTWARE. Preciso dos arquivos com cartão SD. Me ajuda.

  2. Gift for March 8 I personally prescribed a hack for russification and disabling the password, be careful, everything you do at your own peril and risk Tested more than once and still works, with all the latest firmware Instructions; 1 Will be updated to the latest firmware version, preferably above 3.0, work is not guaranteed on earlier versions 2 Before flashing, make sure what type of device you have by default in the Apl folder script for versions F30,40,930,940 for other devices F10,20,920 replace the AplLib file from the Apl10,20,920 folder in the Apl folder 3 After that, we throw all


    Hi avh-x8750bt pioneer gave software error how can I install software again, can you help me I could not find the software file


    hello avh-x8750 bt software error please help on software

  5. Merhaba 

    avh-x8750 bt yazılım hatası verdi

    yazılım konusuna yardım lütfen

  6. Reloaded link added the image of avh x8800Bt thanks Vladonius from a neighboring forum. https://mega.nz/folder/46ISTKAC#JGj_lJWtP2LvLD1GuaQ8zA image added avic F970Bt
  7. In this post, we discuss the purchase of maps in 2019, i.e., folding,read carefully the post,no method yet!
  8. Hallo,here is your link https://mega.nz/#F!dngiEQ6B!lHkfbJiqOtnErS9R8RRWrw
  9. I’ll try to help you in the future, but I don’t have an avh model yet, but for now look at profile topics https://mega.nz/#F!dngiEQ6B!lHkfbJiqOtnErS9R8RRWrw reload link,added copy SD SPH DA120
  10. there is no copy of AVH here only AVIC
  11. https://mega.nz/#F!ezY1FYhb!ued2oydxeZula3ZTm6p1ng Hallo,reloaded link check update
  12. Hallo everyone, I am ready to help but the paypal system does not work in my country, is there any other way? P.S. But I will try through friends to find a way to help.
  13. Does anyone have the image file for an avh-w4400nex?  If so, could I get a copy?..thanks

  14. In my resourse\Pioneer avic F_60 on version firmware 1.15\AVIC_F860.rar But the maps will have to be changed,in arhive maps all Europe 18Q1
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