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  1. In this post, we discuss the purchase of maps in 2019, i.e., folding,read carefully the post,no method yet!
  2. Pioneer AVIC-F60DAB BAD SD CARD

    Hallo,here is your link https://mega.nz/#F!dngiEQ6B!lHkfbJiqOtnErS9R8RRWrw
  3. Backups and Images

    I’ll try to help you in the future, but I don’t have an avh model yet, but for now look at profile topics https://mega.nz/#F!dngiEQ6B!lHkfbJiqOtnErS9R8RRWrw reload link,added copy SD SPH DA120
  4. Backups and Images

    there is no copy of AVH here only AVIC
  5. Backups and Images

    https://mega.nz/#F!ezY1FYhb!ued2oydxeZula3ZTm6p1ng Hallo,reloaded link check update
  6. Hallo everyone, I am ready to help but the paypal system does not work in my country, is there any other way? P.S. But I will try through friends to find a way to help.
  7. Does anyone have the image file for an avh-w4400nex?  If so, could I get a copy?..thanks

  8. Backups and Images

    In my resourse\Pioneer avic F_60 on version firmware 1.15\AVIC_F860.rar But the maps will have to be changed,in arhive maps all Europe 18Q1
  9. 4000Nex Stuck in Boot Loop

    All regards to me tonight, I will write a detailed instruction on how to restore your device from any state.
  10. Backups and Images

    a copy of the SD card is already in our database, Avic F70DAB and F77DAB are similar to the difference between them in the firmware is not present But still we are grateful for your activity
  11. Backups and Images

    Hi guys on the forum have not been a year yet, but all the time as an observer, it's time to help others too, here are the links to the verified copies of our pioneer https://mega.nz/#F!D6giQCCI!Xd7Q2O34b8eccByv4KlG5g password for arhive 4pda Over time, the folders will be filled with new copies My friend and I have repeatedly used them from Riga and they have helped us!
  12. Hallo sory for my english,then'ks Flomsen for this update... Meny times i wait this update?ang now this take ,I am doing this job a long time ago for my first avic F900 after 930,30 and now F50 I have next questions,will it be possible update my F50 for this map 2015 Previously, I was able to introduce the cards 2013 even before the official update,but now is not so simple,map is displayed but the search is not working properly and eventually crashes error,impossible to get directions... If you have good ideas I will be very grateful
  13. Hi all, recently faced such a problem also, on my F-930 .... Watching topic subsided, do not have solutions to this problem???