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April 2017 - It's been a long time - iPod video and newer units?

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It's been a few years since I've been here - and am still enjoying voice recognition and video playback from my iPod Classic and Pioneer x920 combo with the original maps, as the update would have killed voice recognition (????)


So, if one were to purchase a NEW iPod (or iPhone) at least 6th gen running iOS 10xxx, is there a Pioneer or Kenwood unit which will allow all the things I enjoy now with my seven-year-old combo?


Parking brake video?  Voice selection of songs / artists / albums? 


Or did all of this disappear with the Lightning cable, never to return again....


It seems the NEX series is the current, but it's hard to tell just what it does and doesn't. 


Thanks - glad this place is still here :)

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