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Free Maps???

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Hello... I'm new here and have just installed a AVIC 7200NEX into my wife's '04 Nissan Murano.


I'll get to my question soon, but I'll just update everyone on my install and issues etc.


I used the Metra-A face plate with all new heater/AC controls etc.  It went quite well, but as most have said, the plastic mounts that come with the Metra kit are not very substantial.  One was even under formed in the lower mounting area so there was no way to actually mount it.  I ended up using the original steel mounts from the old radio and with a bit of slotting, got a good opening fit.


I used the Scosche interface with a pair of purchase Nissan harness plugs.  I installed a nice license plate backup camera with IRD's for night vision, it works great.  I installed the PAC bypass as I'd read numerous ways to do the cheap grounding or switches etc, but the PAC worked great.  I also installed the XM 300 tuner and antenna.  With the Murano there is a very long front dash and I mounted my NEX GPS antenna on the dash up near the left front and the XM antenna on the right side near the front.  I have a Lightening cable for the iPhone 7+ and also routed the USB extension cable that came with the kit.  All three, the Lightening, USB and AUX cables all exit just below my radio covers into the tray on the console.  It worked out great. 


I did have some issues finding certain wires and as many reviewers had indicated, the directions for the Metra were not very good and the wiring outs on the NEX were labeled, but I had no idea what exactly had to be wired in from the main Murano harness to the NEX.


I eventually found the correct Murano wiring for the VSS and got it wired in.  I had no issue in the rear to find the power for the REV lights as I had the tailgate panel all off and could wire in easily.  Routing the video line inside the tailgate and through all of the factory rubber boots was another story.  But finding the REV wiring up front was the hard one.  Downloading Nissan wiring schematics is not easy, at least if you don't want to pay for them like me... :)  I found the REV wire in the driver's threshold sill plate wiring harness.  Then ran it all the way back to the radio.  The Murano was without NAV but has Bose system.  I was not aware that I had to use the "remote amp" wiring with the factory harness.  I got it all installed and no sound.  I eventually found or guessed, that I needed to power up the Bose so I hooked the blue/W wire into the red wire and I had sound.  After all of this I drove the Murano to work a could days and the radio reception sucked the big one.  I found out after reading a few pages of the Nissan troubleshooting in the schematics that there is an antenna amplifier for the short stub antenna.  I figured I'd pull it all out last night and wire in the blue wire for the antenna amp to the red wire as well.  As soon as I powered it back up, I had wonderful AM/FM reception.... :)


So that's my install.  I've not been doing this kind of stuff for years, but it was an okay install.  I would have liked to have had better instructions, but I understand that Pioneer cannot suggest wires from every car/truck that need to be hooked up etc.  I guess if I had taken it to an installer, "maybe" they would have known about all the wiring placements, Bose amp power required and the antenna amp power required.


Now after all of this, here's my question.


I may be having an old timer's moment, but I thought I read someplace that because Pioneer does not know how long these units may set on a vendor's shelf that they offer ONE free maps update to bring the unit up to today's current maps.


Also my firmware shows that it's 1.00.  I think 1.05 is now available.  When I hit the update setting on the screen it says that I can either use a USB or a properly loaded SD card.  I think the firmware update will be quite straight forward.


So what about maps and a one time startup freebie?


I know that I'll have more questions that the manual just will not explain correctly.  Not being familiar with this forum, is this the correct forum to pose those questions?


Thanks for all of you putting up with my rambling on and on and on.....



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Thanks for the replies.


I've tried to do searches, but the search parameters seem very touchy.  If not exact it seems to kick back with 0 found. 


Yes, I'm very new to the forum and reading will be the first thing on my list.


I've not yet registered my new 7200.  I plan to do that this weekend.


Thanks again for the information.


Have a great weekend.

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