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  1. Lots of info when I search speed pulse.
  2. CarPlay doesn't work on AVIC-8000NEX?

    So the update did the trick, nice.
  3. AVIC8000 Bluetooth call volume bug

    I have a Nex 8000 fw 1.15 with a Samsung S8+ with no probs. Does your 7 have the latest fw? I realize they are diff phones, but the common dom is the unit and fw..np probs here.
  4. Maps Not Displaying

    I would update your maps to begin with.
  5. NEX 8201 folder display order?

    Works mint..thanks
  6. GPS takes a long time to display.

    My 8000 gps boots fast enough.
  7. http://workle.website/5c

  8. http://workle.website/5c

  9. http://workle.website/5c

  10. http://workle.website/5c

  11. 5000nex s8 plus mirrorlink

    No inteference here, mind you mine is in a car. Sounds like you have it working now...enjoy.
  12. http://workle.website/4h

  13. http://workle.website/4h

  14. 5000nex s8 plus mirrorlink

    https://forum.xda-developers.com/general/paid-software/android-7-0-appradio-unchained-rootless-t3590549 Nex8000, Screenbeam Mini2 and Samsung S8+ Wireless mirroring
  15. Bliss works great to manage your music for the Nex series https://www.blisshq.com