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  1. Unit that supports newer bluetooth codecs?

    Take you phone down to a Pioneer Dealer and pair up and check it out.
  2. 8200 NEX, not turning on everytime

    I have remote start on my RSX, when the remote is used the car starts as it should and my Nex 8000 screen is black as it should...the heat controls and parking lights are the only thing working till the key is inserted and engaged.
  3. Missing Subwoofer On/Off option AVH-4100NEX

    Umm on page 62/63 it explains operation of the sub. https://riverparkinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/AVH-4100NEX_OwnersManual0219151.pdf
  4. AVH-3300NEX Album Art Not Displaying

    Dont know what to say, Im looking at the manual on page 86 and it explains on/off for usb.
  5. new 8200NEX - no sound using RCA

    There are no tricks, if the unit has been installed properly, factory reset and still does not work correctly....return to seller for warranty or replacement.
  6. Avic 8100 Missing Channel Logos

    Its been doing that since day one on my 8000.
  7. I have a Nex 8000 with a 128gb ssd drive via usb, works perfectly.
  8. Nex8000 Screen Mirroring Help!!! pls.

    Mine turns on fine, it will be quickest on radio. On usb it will check the index of the drive...still pretty quick. If your referring to the mirroring start up...yes it can take it's sweet ass time. You can change the delay in the app to find the best spot. I dont have any steering wheel controls on my RSX, so I cant comment there,
  9. Nex8000 Screen Mirroring Help!!! pls.

    Double click the Home/center button quickly and it should disappear.
  10. Problems with AVIC 8200 NEX

    LOL...there are no magic things to do, if the unit was installed by a professional and you have reset the unit and it still exhibits the same problems...then it needs to be repaired. PS, I dont care what you think of me as...from what I see Im the only one responding to your questions. You've stated there have been problems since the install..take it back and have them go over it again. Where did you buy the unit...a legit shop? Surely they will warranty the HU...considering it had probs from the beginning.
  11. CarPlay, NEX 4000, no call audio

    I have the Nex 8000, with S4/S6edge in the past and now an S8+ and Sirrus and a 128gb ssd....its been bulletproof couldnt be happier.
  12. Problems with AVIC 8200 NEX

    If you've tried "everything" then you already know the answer.
  13. Bluetooth not working

    Did your phone get an update
  14. Replacing Factory Nav with Aftermarket AVIC

    Im not sure what your asking....you want to know if the Pioneer unit can "physically" replace the factory unit? Of course it can if the space is big enuff...you tell us..Ive never even been in an Altima.
  15. Nex8000 Screen Mirroring Help!!! pls.

    128gb ssd with about 5500 files, that includes folders example Great White/Hooked/10 songs. I think the farther the unit has to dig the slower the read. Once its been read its quick to resolve for use and will only have to read the changes made upon turn on. I did try a 500gb spinner drive and it was pretty full never finished reading on a 7 hour road trip.