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  1. Factory Backup Cam Not Working

    Are you sure the backup camera is getting voltage when in reverse? Where did you check the power probe? at the camera wire in the rear?
  2. I would agree with Bonee's assessment. In my installation, I tapped the reverse light voltage to power my backup camera. Obviously, it only comes on in reverse. You'll need to find full time power for the cameras - front and rear.
  3. 2019 NEX models?

    I really don't know what more than the 8400 you would need? I just installed it and it's a monster. Works perfect and the wireless CarPlay is game changing.
  4. No parking assit guide on AVIC W8400?

    BTW - I have parking lines on my reverse camera. They don't move with my steering wheel, but they are turned on. I believe this is a setting in the menu.
  5. No parking assit guide on AVIC W8400?

    What do you mean by NAG screen? I still have a startup NAG screen on mine and I have unlocked.
  6. There was an update to the Sirius/XM App on the iPhone for IOS12 today. You might want to check that out. I have a radio subscription, so I don' use the App. All my other apps work perfectly with Carplay on the 8400.
  7. UPDATE: I received this reply from Pioneer Support which was very helpful. They responded within 24hrs so I'm quite appreciative.
  8. I actually thought the Google Maps Satellite view was probably the best.
  9. Parasitic Battery Drain - AVIC 8200 NEX

    Why would you have ANY drain if you tapped voltage to the Accessory wire? Did you wire directly to the fuse box? If yes, why?
  10. Yeah....Waze for IOS12 was released today!!!! We now have Waze on Carplay!!!
  11. Thanks Ron, yes this diagram came from my 981 2012-2015 Service Manual. Thanks for the tip on the Brake fluid cover, I don't think 987 is that different from the 981, it should be in the same location. Many thanks for your help. Al
  12. Yes, thanks. It's a 2013 Boxster. According to my wiring diagram, White/brown is Terminal 31. There are 4 wheel sensors coming from the wheels into the PCS control unit, but I can't find them.
  13. This message is becoming a problem as it remains on the screen blocking the actual MAP for the entire journey and I can't find a way to clear the message. Any Ideas?
  14. C6 OEM Antenna

    Wow, you lucked out finding that adapter. I had a similar issue with the XMRadio antenna in my Porsche, it would not fit the XMRadio tuner. Rather than cut/trim the Porsche OEM connector, I took out my Dremel and cut the outer housing of the XMTuner which was only $39. Worked like a charm. The satellite radio antenna was mounted on the rear trunk lid.
  15. Yes, this is great news! I was using the Google Maps last night and the Satellite view works like a charm using Wireless Carplay in the 8400. So many map choices now!