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  1. NEX processors

    Thanks for the info. Not sure it would make much of a difference. I’m surprised they haven’t improved more than this.
  2. NEX processors

    Does anyone know if the latest NEX models like the W8400 or W8500 have faster processors for reading data than older models like the 4000? I'm getting tired of how slowly my 4000NEX reads external drives and was hoping an upgrade might solve the problem.
  3. 2019 NEX models?

    How long does it take to boot up?
  4. 2019 NEX models?

    Sounds like a nice unit. Would be great to have a 720p screen.
  5. 2019 NEX models?

    Where did you hear this? And do you know any more details?
  6. 2019 NEX models?

    Which Kenwood model are you considering? And do they have the same EQ/time alignment capabilities as the NEX?
  7. 2019 NEX models?

    Anyone know when we might hear about new models of the NEX series for 2019? I'm wondering if they'll announce anything at CES next week. I've been thinking about getting a W8400NEX, but I don't want to do it if a newer model is about to be released.
  8. iOS 11 Breaks Carplay

    I have IOS 11 and CarPlay works just fine for me on my 4000NEX. As mentioned above, try restarting your phone
  9. The only thing I can suggest is that I know the artwork can't be larger than 600x600, but I'm guessing that's not the problem if it shows in Mixtrax.
  10. 8200NEX USB read problems (way too slow)

    One thing that helped the read time considerably on my 256GB flash drive is going through and eliminating all the unnecessary tags from my music files. You'd be surprised how many can be embedded into each file, and they all have to be read if they're there. Use MP3tag (works for flac files too) and select all files, view extended tags, and delete everything except artist, album, track, etc. Doing this cut my read time at least in half.
  11. Apple CarPlay Updated in iOs 10.3

    I'm not a big fan of the changes. The screen is much too busy now, and the Music app has way too much going on in the Now Playing screen, with links to the album and Up Next across the top. Looks like kind of a mess to me.

    I have a 4000NEX currently on 1.09. Is there any benefit or extra features to be had by upgrading to 1.14? Just wondering if it's worth the effort.
  13. Nex 4000 CarPlay help

    Did you have the problem before the 1.14 update or only after?
  14. Nex 4000 CarPlay help

    There's no way a firmware update should take four hours. Something is definitely very wrong.
  15. New NEX units now 8200 instead of 8100.

    Why can't you play music and navigate with one phone? When I use Carplsy, I use both Maps and Music at the same time. Not sure why you need a second phone.