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  1. I've been trying to get the Sirius/XM streaming app on my iPhone 8s Plus to work with ios12 on my AVIC-8000NEX but the app doesn't seem to work. I get no display on the LCD screen or it just freezes or just doesn't do anything and then none of the other apps on CarPlay will work either. Has anybody noticed these issues with the Sirius/XM app or any other CarPlay app with iOS 12 ?
  2. I ugraded my Iphone 6s plus to ios 11.2.5 which is the latest version of ios and since then I cannot keep a connection for CarPlay with my Pioneer 8000NEX. I keep getting disconnected with the usual 02-60 error code. It happens everytime I try to connect to carplay and it all started just after upgrading to ios 11.2.5 Does anybody know what is causing this and if there is a fix. This looks like a problem Apple caused but as a result I cannot enjoy CarPlay as I used to. Any ideas?
  3. How Has your CarPlay Experience Been?

    I like Apple CarPlay immensely. Most of the applications are well thought out and very useful although I still prefer Google maps to the maps application that Apple has incorporated into CarPlay but I really don't like to have to plug in everytime that I get into my car. I used to use my old 4th Generation Ipod Touch that was always connected to my AVIC-8000NEX head unit but now I have to plug in my Iphone 6S plus Whenever I get into my car which is annoying to me but that's the way it is. I wish that wireless CarPlay would become availiable. I would gladly upgrade to a newer model Pioneer Head unit if it supported wireless CarPlay.
  4. Well it's December and CES is right around the corner next month in Las Vegas and I'm intensely interested in what Pioneer will be coming out with in 2016 as far as their NEX GPS/NAV head units. I'm hoping for wireless Apple CarPlay. I kinda get tired of plugging in my iPhone 6s Plus every time into my AVIC 8000NEX when I drive my car. I'm kinda hoping for better maps for GPS/NAV like Garmin etc but I'm not expecting it. Ideally I'd like to see a audiophile GPS/NAV head unit that has 5 volt pre-outs and better Digital to Analog converters. A bigger screen wouldn't hurt either. Does anybody have any idea of what coming out next year in Pioneer's NEX GPS/NAV head unit lineup?
  5. Does anybody know where to get a full screen protector for the Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX, i have seen this one on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/x2-NEW-HeraShield-Clear-Touch-Screen-Protector-For-Pioneer-AVIC-8000NEX-7-Radio-/151286529430?_trksid=p2054897.l4275 But I don't know if they cut theirs to cover the full screen. I'm awaiting an answer to that question that I sent to them via e-mail.
  6. I got a screen protector for my 8000NEX from screenpatronus,com however I don't think that they cut it correctly because the sides,both left and as well as the top non-capacitive area right are not covered by the screen protector but the capacitive area is covered
  7. I have a Pioneer AVIC-Z150BH in my 2010 Toyota RAV4 Sport. the head unit has the Metra Access AWIC steering wheel control interface and the parking brake bypass installed. Upon bootup I usally hear a high pitched whine along with the fan in the back which is less noticable and that usally fades after about 30 seconds or so however in HD Radio mode I perpetually hear a high pitched whine in the background regardless of what position the volume is. It only occurs in HD Radio mode, no other source modes are affected. I don't think it is alternator whine because it occurs even when the engine is off. and it does not occur in AM HD radio just FM HD Radio. Does anybody know what might be causing this? If this normal or not? I was thinking that possible the NAV antenna lead is causing it by introducing noise into the radio antenna lead but I'm not sure. Please let me know what might be causing this. It's kind of irksome, you cant hear it while driving but you can hear it when things are quieter. Your prompt replies will be appreciated.
  8. I just purchased a Pioneer AVIC-Z150BH Nav/Head Unit and just trying to figure out how it worked took me almost 2 weeks. I finally gave up and went to a Ed&Al stereo installation store and they finally clued me in on how it works as far as using the Navigation features goes. Now I have a new problem. I want to connect my Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S4 (i545) to my pioneer head unit for appradio mode. I have a Ipod touch 4th Gen connected to the NAV head unit with a CD-IU201N cable. I purchased the the Android connection kit (CD-AH200) as it was listed on Pioneer's web site as a accessory for the AVIC-Z150BH but I found that it doesn't work with the S4 with out a samsung MHL adaptor so I purchased the Samsung HDTV Adapter TIP (5 to 11 Pin Converter) EPL-FU10BEBSTD for Galaxy S3 (9300) as was listed on Pioneer's web site as compatible with the S4 but it does not work. I'm at my wits end as to exactly what Samsung MHL adaptor I'm supposed to get to work with this thing. Does anybody know what Samsung adaptor I need to get appradio mode working on the AVIC-Z150BH. Your prompt replies will be appreciated