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  1. Parasitic Battery Drain - AVIC 8200 NEX

    I’ve found that some vehicles have constant power to the power outlets all the time. So as for RonS said my 2008 Chevy and 2007 Pontiac’s power outlets were always on even with key off. My 2010 Dodge has a keyed power outlet. I E the outlet has no power with the key off. It’s makes a difference what make vehicle you have.
  2. Home address

    I was finally able to the correct home address by typing in a few address street numbers different. Like 256 instead of 250 and that worked
  3. Waze + Google Maps Apple Carplay in iOS 12

    I went back to IOS 11.4.1 today from IOS 12 everything works perfect with IOS 11.4.1 iPhone 7 Plus on GSM AT&T including mirror screen for YouTube and Dish network for live TV
  4. C6 OEM Antenna

    Just to let you know with factory GPS antenna the MAP screen in less than three (3) seconds. It would take up to 20-30 seconds with aftermarket antenna supplied with the head unit. And yes they were both located in the same place just a little left of dead center of the inside top of the dash.
  5. I were RayBans and have the same problem on my two chevys with Factory Navs. I updated one of them to a AVIC8201NEX with tilt and also have a targa roof. With the roof off and use the tilt feature I can see the screen with a lot less glare. no screen protector but do get fingerprints on the screen. I wonder if the 8400 has a different screen. The reason I purchased the 8201 because it had the better screen over the models. And the 16 gb flash instead of the 8
  6. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    8200Nex. I did the parking brake green to ground wire and pressed the lower left corner. Confirmed it worked for me.
  7. Home address

    I had I very hard time trying to set my correct home address in my brand new 8200Nex. I updated the map and the new firmware 1.08. After all that it still did not work correctly. Called tech support at Pioneer. They tried to set my home address in their bench unit and had the same issue. Anybody have a fix ? And yes I tried to edit Home address and reset back to Factory spec’s. No luck. Thanks in advance jeff
  8. C6 OEM Antenna

    Update. OE does not fit after market. I used the supplied GPS antenna.
  9. C6 OEM Antenna

    Anybody know if I can use my OEM GPS antenna. Have factory Nav in 2008 C6 Corvette. Going to change from OEM Factory Nav to AVIC7201NEX or will I need to use the antenna that’s supplied with the unit. Thanks in advance. Jeff
  10. iOS 5 and F90BT

    I bet somebody from AVIC 411 will get it fixed before Pioneer does They really do not care or give Sh..... I don't think it,s apples, problem more like Pioneer Good luck Jeff
  11. iOS 5 and F90BT

    Ok yes its not Pioneers fault but and same time they are in no hurry to help. We have iPhone 4s iPhone 4 and two iPods. If you update to IOS 5 you will loose your video output. Pioneers software is out out date in todays world. I also have 2010 Ram 6.7L diesel truck with a factory Nav called a Mygig. It has a 40 Gb hard drive built in with 20 gb's for storage. I also have a lock pic installed. Kinda like a bypass for the AVIC's so you input nav or watch DVD or video while in gear or in motion, this also has a factory iPod cable witch can used by the touch screen just like an AVIC but you need the lock pic to play video or DVD,s the lock pic has an iPod / iPhone / iPad cable and will play Video / Music while in motion. Anyway it works just fine on IOS 5.0 and now IOS 5.0.1 witch came out yesturday. Anyway this is what customer sevice should be. There was a problem with iPhone 4 and bluetooth. So Chrysler sent a FREE CD UPGRADE thats right FREE NO chagre uprgade. I installed the upgrade and it fixed the connection with the bluetooth. Okay so I do not have my F90BT any more but my wife has an F900BT in her car. And I will never purchase a Pioneer product again. So we will see if Pioneer will step to the plate. Not !!
  12. jailbreak iphone and video

    Why don't you try to help the guy if you know what your doing I never said I do, but I know enough about jailbreaking iPhones that he's right it dosnt work on the F90 or F900bt I know I've had both. Try to be nice if people that ask for help that's what this forum is for. Not to say mine works. Na-Na yours dosn't I have not been on this forum for about a year I think I'll stay off. Thanks Jeff It's too bad people can't feel welcome
  13. jailbreak iphone and video

    Yes I have a 32gb 3GS iPhone running 4.3.2 fw. Fully jail broke and have the same problem. You can download tv display out from cyida but it's not that good. The problem is the resolution becomes different after phone has been jail broke. So I restored my iPod touch to stock 4.3.3 fw to use with my f900bt. And left my iPhone jail broke. Blue 42 is perfect and never has any problems real people do. And is not much help. My main transportation is a 010 ram pu with a mygig nav and I can stream Netflix dish network and YouTube via my jail broke iPhone. The mygig is better than any avic any way. It has a 30 hour hard drive built in with USB and bypassed with a lock pick. And as always a PC and never a Mac
  14. BYE BYE AVIC 411

    Ok I did it sold my Chevy 05 Z71 Type LT 22,900 Miles . Got a Dodge 2010 2500 6.7L Diesel with factory Nav. Its called a MyGig A 30 Gb hard drive built right in. Just can't beat it. It's all factory and works great ! My F90bt is gone. And so am I. P.S. still have a F900Bt in my wifes car.