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TestMode is much safer and easier to use than Hackmode - which installs and modifies your system. Sometimes the install goes awry, leaving your unit unable to boot.


To get into TestMode on most X and Z series units, download this file supertestmode.zip to a PC, unzip it, put TestMode.key on a FAT32 formatted SD, and insert it in your unit.


IFAIK this file doesn't work on  x950 & z150, but if it does, or someone knows one that works - please post to this thread.

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Hi there,


I recently bought a used car and I had to replace the battery when I was prompted with this password issue.

My head unit model is AVH-X8750BT, how do I gain access to the SD card slot as it is behind the touch panel?

I do have  2x external USB ports but nothing happened when i inserted the sd card with an adapter.

Image result for AVH-X8750BT


With Regards,


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