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  1. AVH-X8850bt cames with 1.04, actually upgrade to 1.05, then to the last vesion al Latin américa was 1.06 and the lastest in Australia was 1.07, but i don´t know if works at latin américa.
  2. Take the file with a friend who handles linux, the * .iso files of the RAR are corrubtos barely occupy 86 bytes and could not be mounted as iso in linux. Greetings.
  3. HI i have an Avh-x8850bt, but i cant unlock, because my pasword is numeric, and i remember but in the service retire the car battery, and the display is out of calibration, i had instaled in my unit an SD card with the firmware actualization 1.06, i atach the file, i cant enter to test mode by te port USB1, to caalibrate, and put the numeric password, i hope you can help me, best regards...


    like this:




  4. realy i do the same and still the problem...
  5. You mus be acced from port USB1, behind the unit, normaly is the superior USB.
  6. what is the fix ausce@hotmail.com, best regards.
  7. what is the fix ausce@hotmail.com, best regards.
  8. the file still without working. The SD Card have an AVH-X8850BT from latin america pioneer, this file was deleted, but i habe one copy yn my HDD,. myy mistake was a downgrade to 1.05 firmware, because the head unit rebootin constantly, the proble was the positive terminal from the battery stil loose after the fabricant Replace it, by warranty, i note dthat because in mone time the car off, when i try to goes on. I thight the positive terminal but, the head unit still rebooting, I upgrade to te 1.06v, and caleibrate the ddisplay, without need it, but the head unit not reb
  9. For me it did not work, we formatted 2GB USB in FAT32, unzipped the RAR file and restarted the drive, nothing happened. Unfortunately the numerical part of the keyboard as well as the bar are locked, I tried to do it via USB and it does not work, because the code is numerical, I do not know why this time when disconnecting the battery stopped working, previously it had already happened without problems, a couple of months ago, however in this occasion the last line was blocked, numbers, space and the go key, do not respond. Someone may have unlocked the numeric keypad, may
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