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2017 v7 Mod - Remove "Objects may appear reversed"

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This mod is for Z110BT/Z120BT/Z130BT/Z140BH. It also works for X920/X930/X940 and the F series equivalents of the same hardware. It only works for the 2017 v7 firmware.


If you have a backup camera and are tired of that stupid message "Objects may appear reversed", here is the way to remove it for this release (v7.0). This is for English language text only. I'm sure the same thing can be done for other languages. For those interested, I got the info needed for this hack from Here. I think this works for both US English and EU settings. If you only care about US English, you can ignore replacing the EUGBENG.LNG file.
You'll need TestMode to install this hack. TestMode can be dangerous - especially for noobies. Make a backup of any files you change - in fact making a backup of all files under \USER is a good idea. It is very easy to accidentally delete files in TestMode. Copying and Pasting files is a real PITA and is very error prone. I recommend watching the YouTube video by JasonH on using TestMode (even though he calls it HackMode for historical reasons).
Note: Do not modify the files on the 2017 update SD before installing the update. If you do, the installation will fail.
After the 2017 installation, use a separate SD with TestMode.key and the patched EUGBENG.LNG and UCUSENU.LNG. Insert the SD into your headunit. It will boot into TestMode.
 When TestMode starts enter File Maintenance.
The goal is to replace the existing two language specific files with the patched ones. Since TestMode will not allow you to overwrite an existing file, you need to delete the ones already there.
First, you need to identify the "active" set of files. There are two \USER\PRG directories on your HU. The active one is indicated by the presence or absence of a file named \USER\PRG.FLG  If this file is not present, the active language files are in \USER\PRG0\APL\LANGDATA\StringData. Otherwise, the active language files are in \USER\PRG1\APL\LANGDATA\StringData. From now on I'll just call it the Active Language Directory.
Navigate to the Active Language Directory and delete EUGBENG.LNG and UCUSENU.LNG
Navigate to your SD card and copy the 'hacked' EUGBENG.LNG and UCUSENU.LNG.
Then go back into the Active Language Directory and select Paste. It might take a minute to complete. If you are having trouble selecting multiple files for copying/pasting, do them one at a time.
Then remove the SD and reboot your headunit. Done.
If you decide to revert back to the original files, you can just copy them off the original installation SD or your backup copy (you kept a copy, didn't you?).

Objects Reversed Warning Delete 2017.zip

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