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Please help, "To use android auto please park your car and check your android phone" on AVH-4200(1)-NEX

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Install information


Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Android Nougat, all apps latest version)

Head Unit : Pioneer AVH-4201-NEX(4200 w/ bundled backup camera, Latest firmware 1.06)

Extension Cable Flush mount : https://www.amazon.c...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1

MicroBypass: https://www.amazon.c...ailpage_o00_s00




I am at my wits end with this issue, mostly because I have researched extensively and have not found any solution, just others having the same issue as me.  I have tried calling the vendor (in this case, Crutchfield), who told me the issue is with Android Auto itself. Pioneer blames it on my microbypass (I call bullshit on that), and other sources seem to think its my extension cable coming from the back of the head unit. Other people experiencing this problem.....










The screen will go black and this message will appear seemingly at random. I can only narrow it down to when I am using Android Auto (Waze or Google Maps specifically) and playing music from the SD card, which are two of my primary reasons for purchasing this head unit. Unplugging the phone and plugging it back in is the only solution, but it can get extremely annoying having to do this while driving countless times. Sometimes it will come up every 10 minutes, or every 30, or even when the car is parked. If I do actually check my phone, no message or any information as to what could be causing this.


If I can provide any additional information to help troubleshoot this issue, please let me know. If anyone has any suggestions, or experiences that could help I would be extremely humbled and grateful for your advice.

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When I get similar, it's usually a dodgy USB connection. Using a better quality USB cable works.

Apple seems to be happier in this regard.

I've a different headunit (still pioneer), but a similar extension cable. I think having a USB run over 1m and several connections means you need good quality.

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