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factory service, parts not available. avic 8200 nex. 90 day remedy?

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I was told friday, dec 8,  that the parts to fix my 8200 (sent in to pioneer for the software fail screen message) aren't available and pioneer doesn't know when they will be. They've had it for 7 weeks +. She said at the 90 day mark they will explore other options. I didn't ask what those other options were at the time.


pretty disgusting if you ask me. I bought it in april, installed in may, failed in sept, sent in oct 4th, repair process started oct 19. 

What do they do at the 90 day mark? give you a refurbished one? new one? Anyone had this happen?


I'm reluctant to swap to kenwood or alpine, not only for the 850$ wasted on pioneer, but mostly because the wiring, gps antenna and the axxess sterering wheel interface. 


I have a kenwood shallow mount single din in there at the moment that looks like shit but works. I have a pioneer avh7800bt sitting here also. But also single din with the flip up screen. 


WOuld you cut your losses and sell the 8200 when you got it back from factory service and install a new kenwood or apline now? I'm thinking kenwwod or alpine's service or reliability might be just as bad, IDK. Putting the 8200 back in might take 20 minutes while a whole new install might take3 or 4 hours.

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they sent me a new 8201, I received it exactly 122 days after I sent the original in. Only to find out android 8.0 or 8.1 broke android auto compatibility. 

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