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Update Fail 8200NEX

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I have try to make a frimware update of my Avic-8200 Nex for fix a GPS error. I have the 1.00 version and try to put 1.07 version. I have make a USB with the folder of update file, put it in my usb cable and go to firmware update. He have read the key and say that an update file found. I press start. (I have forget to turn FM radio off) then all sound cut, black screen appear. On the black screen, the message: Reading file, please wait a while ... And 3 minutes Later, Update Fail and in the progress, a see rapidly -1% ! So I have try many USB key, reformat all key and put the folder AVICAVH16.... always FAIL.... I use Windows for my computer


There is a video off my problem...



Tank you for your help !

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